Thursday, July 17, 2008

2 new songs!

Today is the first day, a couple of songs I made for two local desingers (well, one of them is 50% persian).

You may listen to them here: Break the fashion show.

Theses songs were played live in the FITCA fashion show that took place on friday 11th.

Hope you like them!!!


Monday, May 19, 2008

New Scarlett Johansson's album: "Anywhere I lead my head"

Some days ago the Scarlett Johansson's new album "Anywhere I lead my head" was released, and as a good "fan" I listened frome start to finish, and sincerelly it was endless.

I love all of her movies, specially when Woody Allen is the director (I want to watch Vicky Cristina Barcelona!!), but I didn't like the album at all. It's really boring and besides it's not so well produced (from my point of view). The voice is a little bit hidden (... maybe intencionally because my opinion is that she's not singing quite ok. From the movies I heard her with a hoarse voice but I didn't think it was that much!

Well... this is a modest critic and I guess a lot of people will like the songs, so "beauty is in the eye of the beholder"


Sunday, April 27, 2008

Virtualbox - Clone virtual machine ubuntu hardy

Hi again! Today I will write the second Virtualbox tutorial: Cloning Virtual Machines.

What we need is having a virtual machine already set up, with its virtual hard-drive and configuration file, i.e., a virtual machine fully operative, which will be the one to clone.

To clone a virtual machine, from a previous installation, we cannot do that by simply copying the virtual disk. If we copy the disk we will not be able to run the virtual machine aside the original VM, because each virtual disk has a unique ID.

So for cloining we have to use the tool provided by Virtualbox, which is "VBoxManage". We open the console, "cd" the virtual disks directory (the folder containing .vdi files) and if our VM is called UbuntuJEOS, it is logical the disk has the same name: UbuntuJEOS.vdi. Let's say we want the cloned virtual machine to be called UbuntuClient01. Therefore, we type the following:

VBoxManage clonevdi UbuntuJEOS.vdi UbuntuClient01.vdi

Once we have done that, we already have our VM cloned and ready to use!. We only should go to virtualbox and create a new VM, configure it with the virtual hard drive just created.


We have no network, the network devices are scrambled or are missing.

This is due to the systems based on Debian, such as Ubuntu, have a very useful feature when we use actual hardware, but it is not that good when we clone VM. This feature assign a unique name to a network interface with a specific MAC address.
Debian, and therefore Ubuntu, make this by using UDEV rules, so as to solve it, simply we delete the rule created in the cloned machine for the original network interface:

sudo rm /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules

Reboot and voilà! There is network again!


Sunday, April 20, 2008

New website!


At last I got my own domain!! Today I've opened the web which it lacks a lot of content, it will be soon filled with my music and several art and engineering stuff which is in my head.

It is possible I will be porting some of the tutorials here to that web, I will keep you all informed!


Saturday, March 22, 2008

VirtualBox Ubuntu Hardy 8.04

Update!! 2008-04-27

Today I am going to post about VirtualBox, a virtualization product like VMWare or VirtualPC, but this one is plublished under GPL licence and is open source.

Currently, VirtualBox runs on Windows, Linux, MacOSX and OpenSolaris, and supports guests virtual machines such as Windows (XP, Vista, 2000...) Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, OpenSUSE, Mandriva... with kernel 2.4 y 2.6) and OpenBSD.

More official info: Innotek VirtualBox

I am going to do a tutorial series about virtualization with VirtualBox. I will be explaining what I am experimenting. The tutorials will be:

  1. Installation and configuration of VirtualBox.

  2. Ubuntu JEOS virtual machine Installation.

  3. Virtual Machine Clonning. Network problems troubleshooting. Ubuntu Hardy.

  4. Other tutorials, about application I will be trying in virtual machines.

So let's get started:

In this case I am using VirtualBox on Ubuntu Hardy 8.04 (Development branch, but damn stable!). One of the advantages os using Ubuntu is that VirtualBox is in the official repositories, and we just have to activate Universe and Multiverse repositories to install it [1][2].

If you want to install VirtualBox, read more!

First, to isntall it we do the following:

sudo apt-get install virtualbox-ose virtualbox-ose-modules-generic

If you are using another kernel (such us -rt), install de module to the corresponding version. To see what kernel flavour you are running:

uname -r

Once you have done it, in order to use VirtualBox, your user will have to belong to vboxusers group.

sudo useradd -G vboxusers -a tu_usuario

And also we have to modprobe the module for virtualbox:

sudo modprobe vboxdrv

So far, we are able to run VirtualBox to install our favourite Operating System.

In the next issue, I will explain how to install Ubuntu JEOS, a reduced version of Ubuntu for virtualization, in a virtual machine.


Friday, March 14, 2008

Melodyne and the impossible.

For we all who used to work with audio, we dreamed sometimes with doing something which was very difficult or maybe impossible.

How many times have you had to record something again because in the chord you played you missed only one note? What if now instead of recording the complete sequence of chords, you are able to modify just that note?

It seems that sooner than later it is going to be possible:

Melodyne crew, getting the impossible done.


Finally, I finished!!!

I have just graduated! After a little bit more than 5 years... (ejem) Last monday I presented my final project and couldn't end it better. The "more-than-5-years" are justified, I went to the delicious Stockholm, Sweden for a year. I falled in love with that city. And I started to work more than a year ago in the Microsoft Technology Center in Walqa (Huesca, Spain) for about 5 months.

The global feeling about these years in University are ok, I mean, not bad, but no so good also. Of course, I learnt so many things, but the greatest moments during this period were stuff done outside the university. I dedicated as much time as I could to music, and one of the good university things is that I applied technical concepts to my creativity.
Of course, there are exceptions, but sadly, the bad things usually cast a shadow over the good ones.

The last few months, on the other hand, have been great (except for the last course I took, which I passed quite good but with effort). I enjoyed doing my thesis, the long conversations with my director and the people in the laboratory has been really cool, which helps quite a lot when things get harder.

But really, by graduating I feel good, really good, no preasure, no tension, no nervous... my brain works again as it used to!